The key factor for the succeeding of our project has been choosing Mediafon Datapro as our partner and their solution NUMLEX as the NPCDB motor. With their help Number Portability has been commercially available in our country El Salvador since 2015 with no hiccups and with the satisfaction to our customers. For us reliability, fast deployment and a comprehensive solution are of utmost importance and NUMLEX did the fit it all.  Abel Magaña, ImCard, El Salvador       

It was a pleasure to work with Mediafon Datapro as a technical partner who ensured smooth and flawless migration of national number portability solution to NUMLEX. All deadlines were met, project was accomplished on time. This migration allowed to achieve a significant cost reduction on number portability solution to all Lithuanian telecommunication operators. Jolita Kurtinaitienė, VšĮ „Numerio perkėlimas“, Lithuania

Mediafon Datapro clearly demonstrated a high-qualified professionalism in our relationship during 5 years of our co-operation. The possibility to rely on a reliable partner in any difficult situation is very important in our business, but we had the luck to acquire such a partner. Especially i would like to note work-flow coordination of company's technical specialists, as well as their ability to operative solve any appeared issues. Iurie Bulgari, NP Base, Moldova.

The quick professional service that Mediafon Datapro has provided makes it a clear winner in the development, provision and maintenance of high-performance databases and processes automation systems and solutions. The support process, speed of solutions and fixes makes Mediafon Datapro a clear number one. Mohammed Echadli, SIRGAD, Morocco

We performed with Mediafon Datapro an outstanding implementation project of portability in Tunisia. From the beginning we experienced a professional counterpart supporting at all levels of the project. We will be more than happy to cooperate again in future projects. Souheil BEN SALEM, Managing Director EO Data Center, TUNISIA

 ISO certified

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 27001:2013

  • ISO 14001:2015

Video Surveillance Privacy Policy

In this notice, we inform you how and where Mediafon Datapro, UAB (legal entity code 304065322, registered office address Olimpiečių g. 1-33, Vilnius), hereinafter referred to as "Company", processes the data of the Company's visitors in connection with the surveillance of the Company's office by video cameras. 

Visitors to the Company's office are informed about ongoing video surveillance by means of information signs with a video camera symbol and data controller details, which are presented before entering the monitored territory and/or room. 

The view is observed in the premises of the Company's office (entrance to the reception area, the space from which access to workplaces provided for the Company's employees, entrance to the manager's office). 

The video surveillance in the stores is continuous. 

The Company ensures that video data is processed only by persons authorized by the Company who are introduced to the legal acts regulating legal protection of personal data. 

What categories of personal data do we collect? 

The image of the Company's visitors and records related to the Company's visitors, as well as all other personal data and actions of the Company's visitors in the coverage area of the video surveillance cameras. 

When performing video surveillance, we collect the following information: videos, date and time of video capture, location. 

Why do we collect this personal data? 

We process the personal data of the Company's visitors in order to 

  • first, perform real-time video surveillance in order to ensure the safety of persons (employees, other visitors to the Company's premises) and the physical protection of material resources and information (hereinafter –  the Company's property) managed by the Company's ownership right or other legal basis;  

  • second, manage video surveillance recordings in order to investigate security incidents of persons and Company assets. 

On what legal basis do we collect this personal data? 

Protection of our legitimate interest and essential interests. 

Where do we get this personal data? 

We collect personal data using technical means, i.e., IP cameras and records are stored in the data array inaccessible from the external network. This system does not use facial recognition and/or analysis technologies, nor does the image data recorded by them be grouped or profiled by a specific data subject (person). 

We may transfer personal data to: 

We may transfer personal data to: 

  • first, service providers (such as security companies, software and hardware maintenance and service providers); 

  • second, if the companies of the group of companies need to achieve the defined goals, it is possible that we will transfer your personal data to the related companies; 

  • third, law enforcement authorities, state, and local authorities, upon their request or in pursuit of our legitimate interest, to state, exercise and defend legal claims (theft, damage to property or person, etc.). 

Your personal data is neither transferred nor processed in countries other than the EU and EEA countries. 

How long do we retain this personal data? 

Video surveillance recordings will be stored for a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days unless the records contain the information necessary to achieve the defined purpose. In this case, the record will be stored until the identified problem is clarified or the relevant investigation is completed. 

What rights do you have with regard to this personal data? 

You shall have the right to: 

  • first, access to personal data; 

  •  second, to demand correction of your personal data. Please be informed that due to the nature of video surveillance, there is no possibility to correct any personal data; 

  • third, the right to object to the processing of personal data. Please be informed that due to the nature of video surveillance, we cannot guarantee that your right to object the processing of your personal data will be fully implemented, as the data is collected automatically; 

  • fourth, the right to demand erasing your personal data. Please be informed that due to the nature of video surveillance, it is impossible to erase specific personal data; 

  • fifth, in certain circumstances, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data. Please be inform that due to the nature of video surveillance, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to fully implement your right to restrict the processing of personal data, as the data is collected automatically. 

Where do you apply for the exercise of the rights of data subjects? 

For questions related to the exercise of the rights of the data subject, please contact [email protected] and submit a properly completed data subject inquiry form, which you can fill in in in the following link: Form. You can also download, fill in and deliver the data subject’s inquiry form upon arrival at the following address: Olimpiečių g. 1-33, Vilnius, from 8 to 17, Monday to Fridays. 

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